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MICAI M2 : 22-23

Hi everyone, welcome back to the MICAI programme and to the interpretation French to English class in particular. The class is run by two people, Martine Fade ( and myself, EllenChew-Jolley ( both from the English department of the FLSH on the Illberg Campus. We have been working at the FSESJ at the Fonderie for some years now, mostly in the MICAI programme and in interpretation. Martine is a true linguistical hybrid, one of the most bi-lingual people I know; as for me, (Ellen) I am just a ‘parvenue’, originally from England having lived in Alsace for 35 years. So Martine usually deals with the French side of things and I deal with the English stuff, but you will find us chopping and changing as all true schizophrenics do!!

We center the classes around the idea of a debate, (This house believes that….) in which people can support one or more ideas or notions, argue, dissent, agree with or question another person’s statements. Of course, you may wish to express an opinion which differs fundamentally from your own convictions : this is an interesting intellectual exercise, used far and wide in the world of business….you might find it an idea to adopt a fictitious or true-life persona or profile to help with this.

Our classes are usually scheduled for the Monday morning slot , usually 10-12 for M2 students (check this on ADE the planning webpage found on e-services. Each year group will be divided into 2 : TD1 (Germanistes et Italianistes) and TD2 (Hispanisants). Because there may be other classes in parallel, we have divided you not alphabetically but according to your language choices to avoid a timetable clash.

So here is a list of dates and topics chosen by you and us to debate upon for Semester One of this academic year 22-23.

Week One : Monday 12.09.22 :  Introduction and Setting-Up of the class

Week Two : Monday 19.09.22 : Topic: Should we tell the truth on all occasions?

Week Three : Monday 26.09.22 : Topic : Double nationalité : est-ce un avantage ou un inconvenient?

Week Four : Monday 03.10.22 : Topic : Everything happens because of destiny.

Week Five : Monday 10.10.22 : Topic : Is having children a life-goal?

Week Six : Monday 17.10.22 : Topic : Does Ukraine deserve our help?

Week Seven : Monday 24.10.22Topic : Are humans actually good for our planet?

Holidays! One week  : 31.10.22 – 07.11.22

Week Eight : Monday 07.11.21 : Topic : Does technology make people dumber or smarter?

Week Nine : Monday 14.11.21 : Topic : Should we limit the number of children?

Week Ten : Monday 21.11.21 : Topic : Is gallantry just sex discrimination?

(Mulltilingue : 12.12.22 : Topic to be decided by all staff and students together ; please contact your various Spanish, German and Italian professors and try and define a subject that everyone is happy to debate on).