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Minty 2005-2009

A-mint-in-green-pastures As many of you will know, we lost our beloved ‘red’ dog this week on 20th October…at the not so ripe age of 4 and a half years old. She had suffered from a cardiac malformation since birth which left her with a heart which grew to the size of a football and two deficient mitral and tri-cuspid valves. Despite the physical difficulty, she was a happy and inquisitive animal who was the focus of love for Tony and myself and the kids. Fortunately for us, we didn’t have to make any drastic decisions at the vet’s; she made them for us. She died in her sleep a about 6am on Tuesday morning of a massive stroke and her big heart stopped beating….she is sorely missed by all the family and friends who came in contact with her. She will always be our ‘first’ dog…so special in her intuitive understanding and freely given affection. Go well, my darling dog. Love you always.

3 Responses to “Minty 2005-2009”

  1. ellen says:

    Hi Ellen…. just to say from the ‘Tonyversity’ side that Minty is every bit as missed and ever will be…. but just wait for Thursday and the bundle of fun that is FeeBee!

  2. Fairianne Edwards says:

    Hi Dear Hellen and Tony,
    You know I sympathize a lot to your loss. A dog IS a member of the family. Even if they are not human beings, our cats and dogs bring us love, they are affectionate and sincere, they make us laugh, they are innocent in their expectations and true to us. I know you will miss her and I could see that Felix is sad. But her memory remains with you: she will live there! …And I can’t wait to see that puppy!!
    Take care

  3. ellen says:

    Thanks for the words of comfort….. and next time you are passing, there’s a bundle of white fluff waiting to be cuddled….. but be careful, already she has tiny teeth – and they’re sharp!!! Pictures to follow! Ellen

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